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Healthy Tips

December 2nd, 2015


Healthy Tips

I have read several tips about maintaining good health, both heart related and not. I want to share with you what I’ve found, but I must say that they are not all medically and scientifically proven.  It does not mean that they are not true either.  They came from years and years of observation, trials and errors of our ancestors. You don’t have to believe everything you’re told. Just use your own judgment.

The first tip I want to tell you is about fruit juices that are high in anti-oxidant properties, such as gooseberry, mangosteen, noni, and goji. Studies of these juices, tested in animals, found that they can lower blood sugar level and blood pressure as well as boost immune system. Studies in human have not  been done yet, but I know for certain that they are delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals. I believe if we could add these fresh fruits (not only the juice) often, if they are not too expensive, it would be good for our health.

Next is how to prevent gall stone. An American journal of digestive tract said that people consume food (yes, food, not supplementary pills!) rich in magnesium, such as grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, can have 30% less chance of developing gall stone.

Another article is about rice, which we Thais should know more than other countries, but for some reason there are more researches from the West than  us about the benefits of rice. It has been more and more recognized that brown rice is better than white rice, which is so processed that it has lost much of its nutrients. Recently, the FDA in the US has allowed brown rice to claim to have ability to lower heart disease risk and lower the chance of some types of cancer.

Brown rice still has the part called bran and germ, which are loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Moreover, its fiber content is six times higher than white rice. Vitamin E and anti-oxidant such as oryzanol, which can help prevent heart disease and coronary disease, are also present. Like oats, it might even help lower cholesterol level.

As for useless food, such as alcohol, there are reports that an adequate amount, such as a glass of wine or two in women, and two to three glasses in men, could lower heart disease risk. However, another research in Denmark revealed that in 5,000 menopausal women who also take supplementary hormone pills, even if they drank a glass of alcoholic drink a day, they would increase the chance of breast cancer two or times more than women who did not drink and did not take the pills. Those who drank more than 2 glasses a day have upped the chance by five times.

Fruits, fiber rich foods, nuts, and foods that have high omega 3 like fish and fish oils could decrease chronic inflammation and thickening of arterial wall, both at the heart and other organs in the body. These symptoms could cause heart disease and paralysis in the future.

So, it is recommended that everyone should eat five servings of fruits per day. One serving can be measured roughly by making a fist. An orange is as big as a fist, so it is counted as one serving. The more colorful the fruit, the more nutrients it has, such as orange and grapes.

Many people do not like eating fruits so they supplement it with fruit juice. It could work as well in case it is 100% fruit juice, but you should be aware that fruit juice has significantly lower fiber content than fresh fruits. Moreover, fruit juice is higher in calories and sugar, so it might cause obesity in the long run. A glass of fruit juice gives as much energy as a plate of plain rice!

A patient of mine had hated fruits all his life. He was about 50 years old, and when he started having problems with blood pressure and cholesterol level, I convinced him to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as to exercise. I thought he was not going to do it, but three months later, he came back and said he exercised every day. Although he still did not eat any fruit, he said, he could drink fruit juice every day too, and he seemed so proud of himself. I asked, “What juice do you drink?” and he replied, “Wine!”

Prof Nithi Mahanonda is consultant cardiologist and interventionist, Perfect Heart Institute.



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